Our institute uses the latest teaching technology to teach the Arabic language and the Qur'an to non-native speakers.

We use the ZOOM program because of its sound quality, visibility and clarity with a video call and electronic whiteboard to explain the curricula, in addition to sharing the screen during the lesson with the student.

If you do not have the application, you can download it online free.

The teachers at Bakkah Institute are highly experienced, professional and follow the standards of the best Arabic language institutes.

At the Bakkah Institute male teachers teach male students and female teachers teach female students, and you can choose the gender of your teacher too.

You can choose the time and day you prefer.

No, but you must inform the administration before your vacation.

The teacher will wait for half the duration of the class. After that, the lecture will be cancelled.

Yes, you can change the teacher once you inform the administration about the reasons for the change.

We have several methods for payment that suits where you are, as PayPal–Western Union–MoneyGram–Direct bank transfer.

When you record a certain number of hours per month, but you cannot finish your hours during the month, the remaining hours will be automatically transferred to the next month, until you get all the hours that you registered.

The number of levels in the institute is the introductory level in addition to 12 levels.

Each level usually takes 40 to 50 hours. This depends on the level of the student and his ability to understand the language and his diligence in learning the language.