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About Us

Bakkah Institute for Arabic Studies (BIAS) is one of the best Arabic language institutes for non-native speakers to learn Arabic language, Quran and Islamic studies to all students all over the world.

Our teachers help many students all over the world to learn Quran and Arabic online. All teachers are native Arabic speakers, and many of them learned the Quran at Al Azhar University. They are professional teachers and most of them have IJAZA.

You or your kids will enjoy learning with us as our teachers like to use funny and exciting ways to teach the lessons. You will have an interesting team of teachers to help you. We accept and encourage feedback from our students.

You can always evaluate your teachers, and we will check how to improve their performance.

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Bakkah Institute for Arabic Studies

Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers

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Teaching Quran

Teaching Quran

Teaching Quran by professional Instructors

Teaching Arabic Language

Teaching Arabic Language

Learn how to read, write, listen and speak in Arabic.

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20 Classes Monthly (One Hour Each)

4 Days / Week

16 Classes Monthly (One Hour Each)

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12 Classes Monthly (One Hour Each)

2 Days / Week

8 Classes Monthly (One Hour Each)


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