Hadeer Mahmoud Elias


Specialization: Arabic Teacher. 11 Years of Experience 

- Qualification:

I am a graduate of Education, Ain Shams University, in the Arabic language and Islamic Studies Faculty. I have been working as a teacher of the Arabic language to non-speakers for 11 years with a several countries including America, Britain, Canada, Malaysia, Columbia, and more. I have worked in several institutes and l have worked online. I've taught many curricula such as Alarabyatu byna yadyka ,alasasi book ,alMadinah book and more

 I always focus on the 4 skills with my students, reading, writing, speaking and listening.    I have taught a grammar and "Sarf" in an easy and simple way.

I always encourage my students to take a step forward in the Arabic language

I have trained many teachers on how to teach Arabic to Non - speakers, and I also worked as a supervisor on teacher’s performance to assess their performance and provide appropriate advice to them.